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PCASite.com – About the Site

This Website (PCASite.com) is a Private Professional Classifieds or Directory from Philadelphia PA, in the United States. We use the terms Classifieds or Directory to mean the same at this Site.  Anyone can register to join in agreement with our Site TERMS and Membership Rules. However, we do have Paid Professional Membership where Members can participate in additional activities at this Site that are not allowed to some Membership Members.

Members are reminded to always participate in agreement with our Website Terms and Rules at this Site to remain a Member. Members who do not will be deleted, blocked and banned.

Members can post news information, personal opinions/views, reviews of products or services, and issues related to any of the topics listed at our Site Categories.

Members must NOT posts (or submit for approval) websites links and information, topics, views or reviews that are related to or connected with fraud, illegal activities, gambling/poker, adult content materials (pictures or words, etc) gay or lesbian lifestyles, terrorism and such alike.

This Website is a private Site with a Christian Principle background and Philosophy. Therefore, we cannot approve of any Directory Listings or Posts from our Members. You are to agree with us (i.e. TERMS and Membership Rules) before joining this Site and continue to do so to remain a Member.

This Site (PCASite.com) is owned and managed my Mike Taylor and Family in conjunction with Online Associates (i.e. Web Hosting Technical Experts) from Philadelphia PA and the United States. Mike has over 10 years experience in Administration and Customer Service. He is a Blogger and Articles Writer for over 10 years online. Our aim is to create an ethical environment online where everyone who agrees with us can care and share their news, views and reviews.

PCASite.com - Philly Classifieds Advertising Site - add your Websites Information for Listing today.
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